Backward Compatibility

I’ve just started reading several resources on Yii and also have done some examples from the Yii Cookbook (Markarov) using Yii version 1.1.10, so I’m a newbie. But I feel like I jumped in a bit too soon so I’ve gotten a copy of “Agile Web Development With Yii” and have been reading that. Aside from the Errata and the mistakes that people have taken note of on this book, it still has some clarity that I value. The code downloads for the book’s examples include an older version of Yii – version 1.1.1. My question is, will the examples in the book, which rely on version 1.1.1, still work with the newer version 1.1.10 ? Or to put it another way, does version 1.1.10 have all the functionality and syntax of 1.1.1 plus whatever new stuff was added? It seems to me that a “dot” release should be backward compatible but you never know these days …


Ok, I just now saw a post with a very similar question, except they were asking about compatibility with version 1.0.9. I just read the doc at code(dot)google(dot)com/p/yii/source/browse/trunk/UPGRADE and with all the changes that have been done since 1.1.1, I feel like the answer to my own question is “No, the examples from Yii Cookbook won’t necessarily work with version 1.1.10”. I understand some of them may work, but I’m suspicious of the AR stuff and possibly the PHPUnit tests. So I guess I’m telling anyone who reads this, and myself, that it’s probably advisable to stick with version 1.1.1 for the examples in this book. The book’s download chapters come with Yii version 1.1.1 packaged anyway. Since it’s basically for learning anyway, I don’t have a problem with that. But if I do get them working with 1.1.1, I’ll try again with 1.1.10 and see what the diffs are (if any).

Correction: instead of the reference to “Yii Cookbook”, I should have said ‘the examples from "Agile Web Development With Yii won’t necessarily work with version 1.1.10 "’. Sorry.