Backend PHP dev for a company helping science (NYC Startup)

Hi all,

My company, is a early stage VC funded startup working out of NYC. We have high hopes of completely changing how scientific research is done in the future by fully automating data analysis for life scientists. We work with very large data (20GB-500GB) per experiment, so at any given time we will have a few hundred cores running to process a single experiment. We use all the cool toys that Google’s Cloud offers and we use all the cutting edge software from the bioinformatics world as well. So, we have cool tech, really awesome science, and are doing something that most people think is impossible.

We are looking for a Backend PHP developer, ideally with some background in big data, data processing or a lot of experience with EC2/Google Compute engine.

We are looking for someone to work with us our NYC office, so we aren’t accepting any remote developers at this time (sorry!).

  • 3+ years PHP experience (Yii framework)

  • Familiar with Google App Engine

  • Cloud Computing (EC2 or Google Compute)

  • API integration (We use a lot of Google’s APIs)

  • You love team work

  • Pretty good at Mortal Kombat 2

Email me at keith @ stirplate .io



Edit: I can’t post a link (new user), but we have a job listing on Stack over flow, job ID# 76598