backend login


I have backend and frontend in seperate folders.

I have installed user module.

Currently, when I am on my backend and click logout, it goes to

Login form is put into backend layout.

Instead I want it to go to that is my frontend.

Afterwards I want to redirect admin users to backend.

you can update actionLogout method in your controller and redirect page whenever you want,

generally it found in SiteController.

Look in your controller where the login and logout actions are.

Search for lines similar to this:


or maybe


Change the line to redirect to the url of your choice.

Hey guys. Sorry if this will be newbie question but I really need your help.

I separate my application for frontend and backend, using this approach

Application has a shop module (after few tweaks) and yum module ( (I also tried with user module -

The problem I have is that despite I’m logged in the backend the page shows that I’m not logged in.

Such problem does not exist on the frontend.

Why I know that I’m logged in - when I click on Login link in the backend it redirect my to my “admin” user profile, also $_SESSION has all information about admin user.

Any hint/tip? I’m out of ideas.