Backend generator

Hi all. I think that Yii needs backend generator like in Symfony or similar.

What do you think?

I’m (indirectly) building something like this right now. I intend to generalize the code enough that I can release it when it’s ready ;)

I currently have an automatic listing of all controllers in my administration. Clicking on any, will take me to the admin action of the related controller. I’ve additionally updated my primary Controller file to support CRUD by default, and dynamically build a form w/ CForm (formbuilder).

I’m working on getting the formbuilding bit to handle relations in the form properly, at which point it should be ready for an initial release :slight_smile:

Might not be exactly what you were looking for, but I consider the admin area to be where you have your basic CRUD operations for all of your controllers, while also being dynamic (so no need for 5 million generated files).