backend, frontend and... more


I like the advanced application template so far, but I have a situation where there are actually three applications in one site - not two.

intranet (backend)

web site (frontend)

member area (really a different site, which shares models with other two)

I have some questions:

Is creating a new member site as simple as copying the default frontend directory and replacing all mentions of frontend within that directory with "member", then adding an alias in common/config/bootstrap.php, adding relevant lines to the array in environments/index.php, creating appropriate codeception tests, etc…

basically, I’m just grepping the codebase for “frontend” and making sure there is similar code for this new site.

Any reason not to do this?

And while I’m at it, any reason not to change the names of frontend and backend in a similar fashion?

And last question on this - will composer try to recreate the frontend/backend directories if they are missing?

Many thanks in advance for your responses.


  1. Yes. Well, you’ll probably need to adjust it a bit but generally it should be OK.

  2. No, I see no reason not to do it.

  3. Once application installed it should not be under version control if you’ve added --prefer-dist. There’s basically nothing to update. It’s now yours to modify and have fun.

Terrific, thanks!