Backend(Admin Section)

Hi guys :) I want to create a backend(admin) panel for managing the tables in the database and create a front end that will display the contents in a professional looking way. I had been searching for a good way to do this. I also found this

I really want to use this technique but i cannot find a tutorial that will help me start it up. for example. how will i create the directory? Will I be copy pasting the models in the skeleton application or what. can someone point me in the right direction :expressionless: I am really new to yii sorry :expressionless:


For example i am accessing the front end site with this url: if i want to access the back end i will type: please help thanks

I suggest This

also provide front and back login form tutorial here

I think this method is quite popular, I like it too and would like to see a more detailed tutorial on the configuration.

The app structure depends on your needs, the dev team, how large is the project, etc.

Particularly, i use backend as a module, all features as a module too, then, the backend is only a library of methods.

Happy coding.