Does anyone have experience with integrating YII with BackboneJS?

Im about to start messing with backbonejs (which requires a restfull backend), and I was wondering how I would setup yii as restfull. I was thinking about creating a seperate module (called api) and then generate default crud controllers with GII. Then instead of rendering a view, I would output a JSON/XML

I’m curious about other peoples experiences, and the doability of this project.

Im creating an image editor which is completely based on 1 page with lots of ajaxcalls (no refresh), hence backboneJS came to mind.

;) Same!!

if someone can share his Knowledge about the using of Yii + Backbone.js, that’s will be awesome!!

Thanks !!

You can use restful application in yii and you can use backbone, I am also working on a application with restul yii app and backbone.js

Ya that nice you can use extension as well