Backbone.js and Yii

I am thinking of using backbone.js framework with Yii,specially for CRUD purposes.I don’t want to lose all the benefits that the GridView or ListView provide,yet I am a little confused on how to use them as BackBone.View ,since they are coupled with their own javascript . I have to override the default yii javascript of these widgets in Backbone.sync which takes care of synchronizing data with the server,and I don’t know how.I will appreciate any help from Yii ninjas who have succeeded in using backbone.js wth Yii.Thanks in advance …

Check it out

I read up a bit last night. Awesome stuff especially when combined with node.js!

I’m too involved with setting a new version of my project and learning Yii from zero at the moment but this is something I’m going to dig more into!

Thanks for the heads up!

Just found a Git Repo with a Yi /Backbone/Node JS demo app.Quite heavy I should add.

For anyone interested…


Have you tries this yet?

Just wondering what are you planning to do with something like this?

I am wondering if anyone has thoughts or links to articles about when to use javascript mvc to handle page data and state, vs when to rely on server-side code (ie php) for templating and server requests.

Backbone is great, but it takes some time to setup and configure, including the REST API. So I would use it only when the application gets really complex, otherwise I’d use widgets + custom JS.

Check out this thread, I found it useful for starters…

Hotspot - Create rapid interactive app prototypes using backbone and yii

hi, can i get true password to demo site?

Login: super/1q2w3e - i can not login by this credentials.