Back To Top Button

This is not a framework request but a request about the website part that hosts the class references:

Sometimes when you are down the page looking at a method or property you have to scroll all the way to the top to make another search. I would like to see Back to the top type button or the search field sticky to the top of the screen like the bootstrap navbar or similar. I think either would help the user experience (or at least mine ;D )

Not a bad idea, but you can hit the home button on your keyboard as a temporary fix ::)

Actually, on a similar note, it would be handy to have a keyboard combination on the page to jump straight to the search box.

I don’t know if bettor thought about computers specifically, but on touch devices that don’t have keyboards, it’s not easy to hit that button :P

True, and scrolling is even more annoying on touch screen devices…

Me personally anything that would bring me to the search field in one click is fine. The back button is not an option as very often I end up reading the docs by clicking a link from the forum or similar and back button would take me back to the forum. But ideas are welcome and it doesn’t have to be fancy just working ;)

@Keith ah home button. not sure why i thought about the back button. Yeah that kind of works. Not a bad workaround but still…

You mean androids? on iOS you can tap on the topbar and it will work exactly like HOME key.

I didn’t even know that, it works indeed on iOS, thanks for the tip! I tried it also on my Android phone in any case, didn’t work :)

Well, androids are missing it completely.