Bachat – Free Money Management Software

Bachat – Free Money Management Software


We have developed a Free Personal Finance Management Application : Bachat. In hindi "Bachat" means "Savings". This app helps you to keep eyes on your income and expenses so that you can save money. This application developed with Yii2.x. But this app runs like a windows app with the help of PHPDesktop. Bachat uses Sqlite database.

I hope you will like this software. You can download it from here:

Download Bachat: Personal Finance/Money Management Software

I would like to know your comments and feedback.

@futureking, I can see your application is great! Please I need help on how to place the Yii2 advanced app. folder structure inside PHPDESKTOP.

Please how do i arrange the Yii2 folder structure & where will the index.php file be placed inside the PHPDESKTOP.

Expecting your reply thanks !!