Welcome to AZprofile !

The modern, free professional social network for MENA region, we provide:

. Public Profiles for both professionals and businesses to promote their online presence

. Vision is to be the one-stop hub for professionals to share, search, apply for jobs and post professional info

. Goal is to bring a new culture of professional networking to MENA (Middle East North Africa)

Main Services:

. Comprehensive Update Management Platform for all professionals to share, comment and collaborate between each other

. Efficient Profile Management Tools

. Modern Job Management Tools and Services

. Practical Applicant Management Tools

. Profile Finder Tools

. Job Finder Tools

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AZprofile Team

great job ! … did you use a boostrap extension ? ( yii-bootstrap ? yii-booster ?)


Thanks ! we used yii bootstrap. sometimes we had to return back to the original Twitter Bootstrap when faced with yii-bootstrap limitations


nice work.

Impessive. Loads fast too.

What limitations did you encounter with yii-bootstrap?

Great Effort ^-^