This log route tries to solve and add the missing part of the CWebLogRoute.

The main points of this log route is to have valid HTML syntax, clean HTML, show logs only on request and the possibility to show logs for AJAX requests.

Just updated the extension…

The JS code is not rendered for ajax calls - ajax calls where making double buttons.

And now the buttons and/or the data container can be added manually - the JS code checks if the element ID already exists before creating it.

Updated the extension to 0.2

Fixed code so it works when enableCsrfValidation is used (thanks to Alexej - )

Now at the top the requested URI is displayed together with the request type (GET,POST,…) and the green word AJAX if the log is for an AJAX request.

Updated the extension to v.0.3

Now it’s possible to set the alias for the controller of this extension.

This is useful if you place the extension in a folder other than /protected/components/awflog.