Awegen Extension

I tried to generate the CRUD, but when I clicked "Preview", I received a page with this text:

render(‘index’, array( ‘dataProvider’ => $dataProvider, )); } public function actionView($id) { $this->render(‘view’, array( ‘model’ => $this->loadModel($id), )); } public function actionCreate() { $model = new TpContato; if (isset($_POST[‘TpContato’])) { $model->setAttributes($_POST[‘TpContato’]); try { if($model->save()) { if (isset($_GET[‘returnUrl’])) { $this->redirect($_GET[‘returnUrl’]); } else { $this->redirect(array(‘view’,‘id’=>$model->

What’s wrong?

There is no problem with models code generation.

Application log, last trace:

Querying SQL: SHOW CREATE TABLE tp_contato

in /home/bill/workspace/testdrive/index.php (13)