Hye to all. Am doing my final semester project in YII FRAMEWORK. Am very fresher to yii. Now i stuck with the auto save. my guide instruct me to save the text field and the text area without submit button. i didn’t get any thing related to my problem so please help me with the full instructions and code. It may helpfull to Our friends also.

Hope I got a better reply.

Thank u in advance.

hi , u can use simple ajax to sve without submitting the form

ya mannu u r right.

But the problem is while, mouse out from the textbox the value need to save in the db automatically. thats why i stucked

A mouseout event is the wrong way to tackle this - what if the user tabs into the box without any mouse contact?

Your best bet is to use the onChange event:

Thank u mrtain Its working…

yep, works thanks!