Automatic Users/rights Set Up? Any Chance?

I was looking at a tutorial in the wiki

(I’m still a little unsure what goes where, and I’d have to sit down and really study it)

and I wondered…

… surely almost everyone has to implement Users and Rights in their app? The Guest/Demo thing is impressive at first, but ultimately pretty useless.

Can’t it be automated along the same lines as the CRUD generation? I.e. a ‘wizard’ inserts the right code in the right places, and adds the tables or fields that aren’t already present? Or do actual requirements vary too much to make it worth the trouble? Too much to make a few options or switches too hard to do?


your thoughts remembers mine as they were a couple of month ago.

But if I’ve leaved “ready made” CMS (joomla! drupal) for Yii apllication developpement, it’s because I was tired from this kind of “click and play” that finally never totaly satisfied me in terms of functionnality, robustness, bug tracking and so on (well core CMS were quiet good, but some 3rd parties extensions were really messy).

yii-user is an authentication system, but some of us prefer (or have) to authenticate their users differently. Yii-user can help you to understrand how-to implement an user authentication system.

Same for rights, wich is a convenient front-end for managing yii’s RBAC system. Rights is well coded and you can, as with yii-user learn, a lot on how RBAC works but also use it in really modular way (with another autenthication system for example).

good luck !


Any other thoughts, anyone?

Actually my personal thing is that Rights should be some kind of official core extensions because this is used in any project that is developed for someone (you will not give a client an app with right management in the .php file, right?), or any middle-sized projects.

Rights extension is pretty, and it’s not bad. Until you have 10-15 controllers with lots of actions, a 3-4 roles and buncho f users with different (and multiple) roles to manage it all. Creating a new role with it’s Operations becomes a click fest of hand doom. In this regard SRBAC extension is much much better (it’s select box with multiple selection and moving them in bunch is really good idea), although it’s UI is not that great and extension has some issues with managing front-end/back-end stuff in one project (we had to hack it :) ).

As for Users - we don’t really use it, cause we have our own user management with all those custom bells and whistles we need. I think this should be left to 3rd party extensions as it is now, because in any system where you have to process thing everyone has their own functionality related to users and it is built upon basic CRUD, not extensions.

Thanks - I was starting to wonder if this was one of those forums where people race to answer new unanswered posts, then no-one else chips in :D

So isn’t there anything that almost of all of us have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ - that could be automated?