Automatic Testing - Monitoring

Hi there,

I’m quite new to Yii and just building my toolset. At the moment I’m looking into awesome testing tools (all about “making testing the default, not the exception”). I ended up writing my own tools (which I will push to github in the next days. The workflow is:

-> After every file operation (a short ruby script is watching over this) the unit tests are run

-> The test results are stored in a MongoDB database

-> There is a module that can be used to browse all test results (at the moment not much more than basic CRUD)

The cool thing will be the live view. It works like that:

-> The most recent test suite is pulled and displayed (example is attached)

-> From there on a client script pulls changes every few seconds.

-> Deltas (changes in test case success/messages/trace etc.) are added at the top

=> Result: You can open that page (e.g. on a second monitor) and you see live what your changes are doing test case-wise.

My question is: What are your wishes/ideas for a testing toolset? My focus was just on development environments so I left out all the blame/commit guard stuff. What tools do you use? Or are you just run the test cases from time to time manually using the terminal? Are you testing at all? Unit? Integration? Functional?


P.S.: Didn’t realize this was really my very first post here… ^^

It seems like I suck at using this board software. Here is the attachment I was talking about…1765

Screen shot 2011-06-17 at 12.50.43 PM.png