Automatic e-mail sender

Can you please help me, I’m currently working on a Scholarship Tracking System and our client wants us to have a automatic e-mail sender in the system. Our problem is how are we going to do that. Any suggestions?

Well it depends on what you mean by automatic… There is a bunch of mailing extensions over here in addition to the php mail function.

check out yii-mail its pretty good

Yes, agree with bennouna - please clarify your requirements.

On the last project I used modified version of with my own Swift Mailer implementation (instead of mail() function in that extension) in conjunction with Observer class (which handles events that require email-sending jobs) and like this approach so far.

Our client wanted us to create a function that will automatically send e-mail to them when the sponsored child’s scholarship will end. This is the example that our client provided:

After counting 10 months, his/her sponsorship will expire on March 2012.

We must therefore receive an automatic e-mail reminder by the end of January 2012 that the sponsorship of this particular child will expire on March 2012.

Sample e-mail text: “This is to inform you that the sponsorship of ______ will soon expire on March 2012.”

Once we receive this e-mail reminder, we will contact the sponsor ASAP.

If sponsor decides to renew the sponsorship, then the 10-month countdown begins on June 2012 (we exclude April and May).

The next time we will receive another e-mail reminder for this child will be on March 2013.

Use one of the mail extensions as suggested.

Create a console app and a cronjob that runs it daily. In your console app, search the DB for records expiring and build your email template for any that meet your rules.

Can you please give me some other options? Our project is hosted by our professor, I don’t know how will I deal with him about the console app.