Automatic DB migration tool inside Gii

Just check out how another php framework (Falcon) does it, it`s usefull I think, and could be presented n Gii.

What`s your oppinion?

Looks very usefull :)

I recently know about the idea of using migration to develop application using DDD approach from jacmoe here, so it will be very usefull to have this in Gii too :)

This feature would save some time

There is one now for Yii:

unfortunately, as this is my first post, I’m not allowed to post links. Blame the admins… I’ll be able to share this via private message… Or… go to the google code yii-automatically-generated-migration-files

https : / / code . google . com / p / yii-automatically-generated-migration-files/

I’ve created it from scratch as I was annoyed with the fact that I had to do this manually in order to distribute it to my team.

Hope it helps!

Feel free to share bugs, improvements and comments.