autocomplete with add new options?

I have a conceptual issue and hope for the help of this community.

In my application I have a model, let’s say manufacturers, and in a form I want the user to enter in a field a manufacturer for a specific product.

So he should get proposals for the known manufacturers from the model when he starts entering the name, but if he enters a new name, this should be also stored in the database.

I have no idea, how to solve this. I looked for jui autocomplete and the kartik select2 widget (, which seems to be quite near to my ideal solution.

Can you give me some hints, how you would solve this request?

Thank you in advance.


Sounds like a Job for "Typeahead":



Thank you for your hint, which seems to be a very good solution! :)

Unfortunately I’m actualy struggling with many-to-many saving before I can really test it in my project.

Any hints here also?

If i understood what you need, i guess you can use jquery/javascript on blur or on change method and then with an ajax call insert the new value in the db