Auto-logout after a browser closing


I’m using nodge Eauth with facebook oauth authorization on my site.

Always when I close and reopen my browser - I should re-login, but my session lifetime is 1 year.

Here is a code where I try to set up my sessions:

// components config


            'class' => 'yii\web\Session',

            'timeout' => 31556926,


'user' => [

            'identityClass' => 'common\models\User',

            'enableAutoLogin' => true,

            'authTimeout' => 31556926,


// actionLogin code

if(!empty($identity)) {

     Yii::$app->getUser()->login($identity, 31556926);



Can anyone help me?

Set this:

'enableAutoLogin' => false,

Thank you very much, it was helpful.

But I don’t understand, why should I set that parameter to false?


I’m not sure with my answer because I never used extensions for “external logins” in my applications so far.

but after reading:$enableAutoLogin-detail

enableAutoLogin = true 

"Whether to enable cookie-based login."

I would understand it like:

Cookie-based login from the cookie set by Yii / your app.

But when you use an "external" login its actually not YOUR yii-application which sets the cookie.

So when you return to your app it is looking for a "yii own" cookie and fails…

The result is: you are not logged in.

like I said - I’m not sure with this and can be totally wrong.

But it would make sense to me.

@Anyone - please correct me if I’m wrong.

(because I would like to know the reason also)

Best Regards

MetaCrawler, I sure you are right!

Thanks to all for your help.