Auto Login


I have two systems the run side by side.

I use the other system as the main from end for our CRM and i use Yii as the back end for processes that are easier to run from there.

Within the CRM platform my staff click on a link that runs a controller action say Acc/package

I send over 4 variables id, uid, aid and hash.

The hash is generated on the CRM side and is quite secure.

At the moment i have had to allow access to the actions to all in the accessRules because if i don’t the user has to login in every time. and this isn’t suitable.

So i would like to be able to log the user in depending on the HASH sent over.

Is this possible and if so how would i achieve this, i don’t need anything fancy i would just like to make the user logged in as a user

Any ideas?

I hope i am not to vague please reply if you need more information



Sounds like you should extend CUserIdentity and implement your own authentication method.

More information here: