Auto-Fill Username In Password Recovery Form

I’m working on a new project, and would like to make it convenient for users

to recover passwords, etc. by auto-filling their username based on the login

form when the click a password recovery link.

My initial solution is formlink.jquery,

as follows:


<input id="LoginForm_username" name="LoginForm[username]" />

<a href="passwordRecovery.php" data-formlink="#LoginForm_username" data-replacements='{"LoginForm": "PasswordRecoveryForm"}'>Forgotten your password?</a>


[i]Note that I do use Yii-s built-in functionality to create form an links, however, I chose to use plain

HTML in the example to keep things simple.[/i]

In the password recovery action I do the following:

$model = new PasswordRecoveryForm();

if (isset($_POST['PasswordRecoveryForm'])) {

   // generate new password


else if (isset($_GET['PasswordRecoveryForm'])) {



$this->render('passwordRecovery', array('model' => $model));

Is this a good solution? How do other Yii-users handle such scenarios?

I am considering to create a formlink-widget for Yii to make it slightly

cleaner, are there any interest in such an extension?