Auto Complete


I am new in YII…Plz help

I Want to know how I do work with Auto complete in YII.

1st I have two table :

                     1. product

                     2. sale_report

In product table I add my products .In this table I have fields called ‘product_id’,‘product_name’,‘product_price’.

Now Come to sale_report. In this table I have fields called ‘sale_id’,‘product_name’,‘product_price’ etc.

Now I want to use auto complete at the time of sale .

1st. When I sale some product(using sale_report table) then I want that my text field shows automatically product name from product table.

2nd. When I select any product I want to view this products price in my product price text field automatically.

I dont have any idea how to do this … plz help … If possible give me any example …