- Customer Information Manager (Cim) Extension

## Authorize.Net - Customer Information Manager (CIM) API ##

The Authorize.Net Customer Information Manager (CIM) Application Programming Interface (API) provides a mechanism for developers and value-added resellers (VARs) to create, delete, retrieve, and update customer profile information, including payment and address information, by directly integrating client software and the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

Available methods in this extension :

  • Create customer profile

  • Remove Customer profile

  • Create customer payment profile

  • Remove customer payment profile

  • Fetch / Retrieve details of customer payment profile

  • Create transaction

  • Refund transaction

  • Void transaction

Please see the attachment of extension zip file "".

In attached .zip there are following files :

i) AuthorizeNetCIM.php

ii) readme.txt

For "How to use" this yii extension please read "readme.txt" file. In this file you can see the details of uses of methods with sample code.

Easy to implementation…

Documentation ::

Installation ::

Extract the zip file under ‘protected/extensions’ * Add the following to your ‘config/main.php’:

// application components




	'class' => 'application.extensions.AuthorizeNetCIM.AuthorizeNetCIM',

	'cim_login_name'=>'XXXXXXX', // login name

	'cim_trans_key'=>'XXXXXXX', // transaction key

	'cim_mode'=>'testMode', //liveMode OR testMode

	'cim_host'=>'', // (live) OR (test)




Sandeep S. Gawali