is there any tutorials how can i set up my authorization?

here is the list that i want to edit the authorization on the system.

Student -> View Grades and informations, cannot edit, manage and create.

Employee - Teacher -> Can update student grade information.

Employee - Registrar -> just like an admin but half admin, cannot manage, create the finance system for payment.

Employee- Student/fees(Finance Office) -> View the information of the student but cannot manage, delete the

      registration process of the student. It can only assign fees to the student.

The best option is to use the RBAC integrated in Yii.

You can checkthe definitvie guide.

Is not that difficoult as it looks like, you can just create your role herarchy and the use access control filter filtering by roles.

thx ill try it :)

where do i find those files mentioned in the documentation?

Which files?

The database documentation is here.

There is a thread in which we discussed recently how to set up rbac, take a look.

Hi im having a problem understanding the tutorials for the authorization, could you please give me a specific details or an alternative way to edit the files and where are those files that are mentioned on the tutorials.

Basic configuration would be good. Thanks in advance. I hope u could help me in this problem we need to finish the project before christmas. Many thanks to all those who wants to help. :D

Use database authorization, is the most intuitive.

Add at your database this tables and create configure in your main.php:





Then follow the guide, make some test about assign/checkAccess and so on.

If you have some doubt, ask your question and well’try to help you.

do i need to link the schema data to my recent database or i have to import it to a new one? thx sir

Hi sir, it’s now already working. where do i configure the admin/admin for log in so that i can assign new roles.

i just log in as an employee and it can assign but cannot see the whole pages of rights, i hope u could understand me. i cant explain it clearly.