Authentication And Rbac


Im new to Yii, I need to create two type of login in my application , Admin and user and also i need thwo type of admins. how can i develope this ? i did not understand the tutorial found in yii site. please help me

Hi harilal1234

First read and try to understand:


Then select articles from this section: http://www.yiiframew…type=wiki&lang= for further reading.

And write what exactly isn’t clear, and show the code you’ve already tried to implement.



I have used two extensions (Rights, Users ) for creating my needs, Now another problem,

  1. There is no good tutorial for Right extension

  2. I dont know exactly how to use these extensions

Here I attached a diagram which showing my need



im really stuck here , please help me


Sorry, I haven’t used these modules.

can u please tel me , How can i achieve this need?