Audio Tag

Hello everyone!!!

I have used one CGridview in which i have used audiotag of Html5.

The audiotag is used for including multiple audio files in the website. But it is facing two different issues in firefox and chrome.

In firefox, the seeker directly jumps to the end of the file and then the audio is played.

In chrome, once an audio clip has finished playing, I am unable to play the file again by the play button, without refreshing the page. Only after you refresh the page, can the file be played again.

Code is like that :

$this->widget(‘zii.widgets.grid.CGridView’, array(





‘type’ => ‘raw’,

‘header’ =>‘some text’,





function getStatus($url)


    $play="<audio controls><source src='$url' type='audio/wav'><center><img src='path of image' title='Your browser does not support HTML5.'/></center></audio>";

    return $play;


Thanks for your support!!!