attributeTitles like attributeLabels for input title attribute

Is there a way to create a function like attributeLabels with this behaviour:


public function attributeTitles()


		return array(

                    'inputName1' => 'This is the title of the inputName1 to be used for tooltips'



If I put this function in every model php page, how can I say to Yii to use it for input title creation?

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You have to implant this functionality yourself - it is not native to Yii.  There are many ways to do this.  This is very customized code you are asking for

Here's what I did:

  1. create method attributeHelp() in my models

class MyTable extends MyActiveRecord


	public function attributeHelp()


          return array ('field1' => 'helptext for field 1',

                            'field2' => 'helptext for field f2',




  1. extend CActiveRecord, add getter for the HelpText

class MyActiveRecord extends CActiveRecord


	public function getAttributeHelp($attribute)




			return yii::t('MyApp',$help[$attribute]);



  1. extend CHtml to automatically add tooltips (as Title attribute) to activeLabelEx()

class MyHtml extends CHtml


	public static function activeLabelEx($model,$attribute,$htmlOptions=array())



		self::resolveName($model,$attribute); // strip off square brackets if any


		$htmlOptions['title']=$model->getAttributeHelp($attribute); // + JJD

		return self::activeLabel($model,$realAttribute,$htmlOptions);



  1. use MyHtml::activeLabelEx() in my views
  • jeremy

It’s a good idea to implement on Yii 1.1 ;)