Async Ctreeview And Persist Option

Hi all, I’m struggling with my will to keep my Ctreeview collapsed when I’m surfing on my yii website. I watched in doc that “persist” and “cookieId” option should be used in order to manage it. However when I set these options nothing happens =(

I read on an old topic (2009 which explains that these functions doesn’t seem to work with async tree… but that it would be probably correct in further version. I didn’t try to check changelog of jstree (which is used by yii isn’t it ?) however I would like to have your point of view about what can I do to handle it cause it’s very bothering to have to develop his tree every page load.

If you can help =) thanks by advance

When I check the post request with firebug, I can see well the cookie_name I give in my widget but it stays empty like :

" treeview=; ", though in the request post link, there is well the node ID click and developed “…/ajaxFillTree?root=40” for example… I tried to call the cookie ‘root’ but that’s not better working…

any idea ??

<?php            $this->widget(



                            'animated'=>'fast', //quick animation

                            'persist' => 'cookie',

                            'url' => array('/treemenu/ajaxFillTree?tab=mytab'),