Assigning Subjects to Students

I request for help on how assigning subjects to users/students can get achieved using Yii2 / if possible using yii2-admin. I want subjects to be on one side of the list, then move them to another side using >> symbols, and the vice versa using << symbol.

I know it can be achieved, and I request an help from experienced yii2 programmers on how to achieve this. I had thought of using yii2-admin/mdmsoft, because the extension has the exact interface that I want. Please drop some help.

Database IDEA: I have relational tables, one with students, another one with subjects. I want to assign subjects to students in a specific batch and then this relation get inserted into another relational table with simply IDS.


You need to read the guide for yii-2 it will help you tremendously, I personally have read it as well as the api Docs dozens of times!

As far as your << and >> clicking it’s called a listbox. Here is an example / demo and here is a Yii-2 widget wrapping the plugin / library that the example uses.