Assets Folder

Hello guys,

I uploaded my project in the web using Filezilla but now I’m doing some tests with css and I need to keep cleaning the assets folder in order to refresh. The problem that is bothering me is that I can delete the files inside the assets folder but not the subfolders.

Do you know if it’s filezilla that is preventing me to do that? I have a bunch of empty subfolders that I want to get rid of them.


It seems that FTP access is associated one user (lets call it ftp-user) and the Web server access is associated with another user (lets call it web-user).

It means that when you uploaded the files, all the files belong to ftp-user, but when you access the project over web, the subfolders in assets are created by web-user, and so cannot be deleted by the ftp-user.

Of course, I could be wrong.

You can check my theory with FileZilla, it should show you who the owner of these subfolders is.

You can write a php file (lets call it reset-assets.php) that removes all subfolders under assets, upload this file with FTP, and then execute this file over web.

Am I making myself clear to you?

Yes it does make senses.

Thank you very much. I will try that ;)