assets folder

Why do I keep getting folders generated in the assets folder with jquery plugin files…? lots of the folders contain duplicates too. For example I have three folders with pager.css.

If someone could explain what's going on here that would be great…

assets stores published private resource files (e.g. images, js, css).

You can safely delete all files under assets.

If you have used several versions of Yii, assets may contains duplicated files.

Thanks Qiang,

The problem is that I want to include all my javascript manually but even if I delete the files under assets - when I reload the page (I'm using cHtml::linkButton btw) a new folder is created under assets.

Further more the jquery and jquery.yii scripts are inserted into the head. As I insert these using clientscript - they are included twice!

How can I ensure that this doesn't happen?

Any one have any thoughts on this…?

I guess your main problem is about how to prevent jquery.js and other core scripts from being automatically published and inserted in your pages.

You may the following in app config to disable this behavior:








For more details, please see API manual of CClientScript::scriptMap

Perfect! thanks