Assets compilation

Hi Guys…i have a question about YII.That Does it support Assets compilation like other frameworks.If yes, how do we do it.

Thanks to all



Not out of the box. There are two options:

  1. Use one of extensions.

  2. Use build script + packages.

Many Thanks for the reply…what are the extensions available for this.I am in a process to decide yii framework approach compared to ROR which supports assets compilation.

How do it do it with build script.

Thanks again


There’s no ready to use build script so it’s up to you to choose tools and run these.

What Yii does is mapping scripts to one or more files so when you’re registering scripts called A, B, C, D it will actually include ABCD. So build script should take A, B, C and D process these and put result into D.

As for extensions:


Thanks for the reply Sam…