Assets Bundle - Minify Feature


I believe the possibility of bundling CSS / JS files into a single file would be welcomed feature.

This would speed up development as well as the site responses.

Currently, particularly when building responsive sites there is often looots of CSS/JS files and it is a pain to build packaged versions for each file.

The idea is as follows - if we are to publish few files e.g.:

- basic1.css (POS_HEAD)

- left-menu.css (POS_HEAD)

- widgets.css (POS_HEAD)

- init.js (POS_HEAD)

- widgets.js (POS_READY)

- responsive.js (POS_READY)

then clientscript (or assetmanager - not sure which is ported into Yii2) would create and publish only 3 files rather than 6 files:

- head_pos.css    (including basic1.css, left-menu.css, widgets.css)

- head_pos.js     (including init.js)

- ready.js        (including widgets.js, responsive.js)

Will such a feature be supported in Yii2 ?

Thank you.



It’s currently is. Check console app.