assets and cache folder

are these two actually important?.. i can’t seem to upload them via ftp and they’re the only two folders that’re having problems… please help.

Asset and cache are necessary, but their content no.

You should upload them once and then leave as they are, without uploading their content.

Also, after an update, is a good practice to empty asset, cache and protected/runtime in order to remove old assets, cached pages and runtime data that can result in unpredictable behaviors.

ok thanks… it’s because i have this problem with my webapp login. there are two instances of them that only differs in language. they have EXACTLY the same contents but i can’t log in on the other one.

i just recently noticed that the other webapp’s cache, asset and protected/runtime folders are mysteriously empty… most probably because of server side permissions.

maybe that’s why i can’t log in because the needed data for logging in (which are present in the other webapp where i can log in) doesn’t exist.

am i right?


Remember that assets, cache and runtime should have 777 perission.

how do i do that if i don’t have access to the server…

i tried changing it on the ftp application [cuteFTP] and in my local computer but it doesn’t allow me because of permissions on the server.