assetManager link option

hello yii’ers I was lately trying to remove one of my asset files that are attached to my frontend.

This file is slowing my page loading speed and when checked via firebug console there is no use of this file.

I tried every possible way, i was successful removing .js files but i am stuck in this .css files.

I think this can be done by making a slight changes in my config/main.php file… so i tried this code

/ application components



			// enable cookie-based authentication




According to documentation i should use an array to declare value for excludeFiles, but i am facing problem as i have no idea an array for what directory or files???

If any one here in this forum has any idea about it please share it with me… and thanks in advance …

Regards. :)

if you’re talking about assets in the /assets/ folder, you can delete all and Yii will recreate the needed ones. If you’re not able to delete them, you probably have a permissions issue and you need to escalate your permissions (use sudo/root).

Alternatively, you could just flush your assets using Yii::AssetManager->flush()