Asset Publishing with Updating contents

I have an assets folder in my hacked yii-user extension which stores user profile pictures. The problem is that I publish this asset folder via my Asset Manager, but when I add files to this source folder, the asset folder does update accordingly.

I’m aware of using symlinks, but there is a platform dependency.

I’m aware of going through the effort of deleting and then republishing the published folder, but there is a performance dependency.

So what I’m looking for is a more efficient way of handling updated folder contents for a source file, without running into those two problems above. Has anyone dealt with this issue?

Thank you

In the end, I decided against creating a folder for a user according to their primary key, and just saved the filename in the same asset directory under user, without the use of Asset Manager (more preferable to use for assets which do not change as frequently as user pic uploads). Yii-user already took care of name-clashing, so it was a simple fix overall, and there was no real need to use a hash path name for security reasons…