[Ask] Yii1 Or Yii2 For New Application Project?

I want to develop a new application (like ERP) with own custom gii, multisite (one app, but multisite depending on the user/company. ex: s1.example.com/company1/, s1.example.com/company2/ or user1.example.com, user2.example.com). Currently i’m familiar with Yii1. No problem with timeline. So, which one is better Yii1 or Yii2? and why? thanks

I’d say now is a good time to start a new project with Yii 2, especially if you don’t have tight time constraints. It’s in beta, so the developers are unlikely to introduce breaking changes. You can also expect the framework to be supported for much longer than Yii 1.1.x.

The different application templates and the use of new PHP features such as namespacing mean that you can produce better structured code more easily.

Hi Budiman Lai!

I have been working with yii1 in long time.I have a project that i’m still developing with yii1.

I have get yii1 make backend and yii2 for frontend now.Everything is good.

However, yii2 is still beta, but you can use both on same project.

Good luck to you!

Yii 2 very good! i like it !