(Ask) What Approach To Auto Insert To Text Field/text Area/other Form Element

Dear All,

Says, we have a form that contains many form elements. We want when we insert a data in just one text fields, then it begins auto complete all rest elements.

For example, we have form elements as follow:

  • Text Field 1

  • Text Field 2

  • Text Field 3

  • Radio Button 1

  • Radio Button 2

  • Radio Button 3

  • Checkbox 1

  • Checkbox 2

  • Checkbox 3

  • Text Area 1

  • Text Area 2

  • Text Area 3

  • Drop Down Select 1

  • Drop Down Select 2

  • Drop Down Select 3

  • Label 1

  • Label 2

  • Label 3

  • Password Field 1

  • Password Field 2

  • Password Field 3

  • Hidden Value 1

  • Hidden Value 2

  • Hidden Value 3

In above example, we just type a data in "Text Field 1" only, then when after we insert that, it looking that data in database, then returns its data to all elements, so we just press submit button to send this form. So we do not need anymore to insert data in other elements.

It seems this feature is basic programming that we usually see in our daily general application. We just need to insert one data then the app do the rest job.

Then my questions are:

  1. What programming approach to accomplish this mission?

  2. What Yii Forum/Wiki/Articles that related to solutions to this problems?

  3. “Text Field 1” as the mother data, then it auto sends data to “Text Field 2, Text Field 3, and others”. But, we can insert “Text Field 1” with 2 methods: a) By manually insert the desired data, and B) By select a data from a pop-up window. We want method (B) where we choose a data from a pop-up window. Then, how to catch that data in pop-up window? Like in Joomla!, we choose a article from a fancy box then that article id automatically placed in “Text Field 1”. So, how to do this action? With method (a) after finished insert data, and method (B) by select data source first. Would you give us some references to solve both of method (a) and (B).

  4. "Text Field 1" may easy to auto fill to "Text Field 2, 3" or "Text Area 1, 2, 3", but it seems a new problem when we want to suits database data to "Radio 1, 2, 3" and "Checkbox 1, 2, 3", "Drop Down 1, 2, 3". How to suits actual data to fit it in that elements?

We want to deliver the great gratitude for all your helps. We are sorry for our questions that not clear because we are lack/poor English.

Best regards,