[ASK] How to change currency in yii?

Hi yii-ers, is there anyone knows the way to change currency type (in my case) USDollar/$ into Rupiah?

thanks a lot for any reply


The application locale is by default decided from the language setting.

You can create a separate CLocale instance and use it’s numberFormatter->formatCurrency().

(not tested)


Thanks for your answer. But actually, i don’t get it.

Maybe–if you don’t mind-- could you tell me the steps for using that function (or at least give one example)?

thank you

Unfortunately I had no reason so far to use (and switch to) different locales with Yii.

The guide only refers to the API reference. What you need to do depends on your use case (I assume you already know how to instantiate a class). I’m pretty sure you will find relevant examples by searching the forum and the wiki.