[ask] highcharts extension

hi all, i want to ask about this extension.

i have this code to get the data from database into dataProvider

$provider = Yii::app()->db->createCommand("select execution_date,count(id) as batch,

sum(price) as price from tbl_batch where (execution_date >= '".$to."' and execution_date <= '".$from."') 

and (deleted is null or deleted <> 1) group by execution_date order by execution_date ")->queryAll();

i want to display the execution date, which i group by it, and batch which i use count(id) to get the total batch per day

and i use it this code

$result = $dataProvider;




foreach($result as $res)


	$date[$lcv] = $res->execution_date;

	$batch[] = (int)$res->batch;




        'options' => array(




				'yAxis'=>array('title'=>array('text'=>'TES BATCH')),

				'series' => array(array(

                        'name' => 'Tes',

                        'data' => $batch,





it show error Trying to get property of non-object .

How to make it into chart??



i have the same problem, please if you have resolved it, can you please give me the solution

thank you