<ASK> CGridView filter no longer support <>= sign?

Dear all…

In Yii2, in CGridView.

Now we can not use sign <, >, <=, >=, and = anymore like use to be in yii1?

Of course, our client want type directly use those signs.

Maybe only 1% user that want insert actual integer, and 99% want to use <>=.

Now we must set some adjustmen scripts in seach model. How we have more than 20 integer fields?

Or, maybe there some reasons?

Please make filter like yii1 so we can use <>= more.

Thank you to all developers that delivery yii1 and yii2 :)

hi all…

sorry to up this thread.

may be it is important.

so all,

<>= sign no longer available in filter in Gridview.

please add it in yii2.

thank you for all developers.

viva developers!!!