[ASK]Auto responder SMS Yii2


I’m new in Yii2 ,

Now i’m using Yii2 with the advance template,

In my project, i need my application can read database using ajax, and also run in background task. It’s like a Crons Job, but i don’t know how to do it.

  • anyway, i want to integrate sms-gateway services ,

so when i create some request, it send SMS to user,

and user can send SMS to the application with some format,

And the SMS from user, it will be used to do another action in my project.

After all, i just can send SMS from my application to user,

but cannot read SMS that send from user, and then i can’t trigger another action.

Anybody can help me please.

Thanks in advance… :)

*anyway Bad English, just forget it :D :lol: ;D

share sms code as well

pardon me, what did you mean sir?