Asaar - Agricultural Goods Prices

The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries has just launched a new version of its ASAAR website and geoportal that gives near-real-time prices and metadata of agricultural and fisheries items in hundreds of markets throughout Morocco.

Developed in Yii of course, it’s fully bilingual (and bi-directional) with performance (back-end & front-end) as a goal.

the link is not working

They may have been doing some maintenance… but it is working ;)

Wow, so you’ve been busy building this?

Unfortunately I couldn’t read either of the languages, but, Yeah! Awesome!

Thanks softark :)

I’m not saying I’ve been doing this, and I’m not saying I haven’t ;)

OK, you can choose one from the following:

  1. Admit by your own will that you have done it.

  2. Get forced to confess that you have done it.

  3. Call a lawyer.

Tell me what it “sounds” like :D

Well, yes, it gave me fairly a good understanding what’s written in the page. I don’t want to use google translation for serious matters, but I have to admit that it’s very convenient when you are a total stranger to the language. It also worked well for the Arabic. :)

That and