ArrayHelper::map Class not found

Hi im trying to display my “klantennaam” in my “Overzicht” Form but it keeps giving me an error that my class is not found.

I tried calling it with Mapping.

    <?= $form->field($model, 'Klanten_id')->dropDownList(ArrayHelper::map(Klanten::find()->select(['klantennaam','ID'])->all(), 'ID', 'displayName'),['class' => 'form-control inline-block']); ?>

I have an “Overzicht” Model that gets my foreignkey.

 public function getKlanten()
        return $this->hasOne(Klanten::class, ['ID' => 'Klanten_id']);

And that workss good but i need it working for my Form.

Hopefully this is an easy fix!

Missing use statement?

How do u mean ? Like use Arrayhelper??

Class “Klanten” not found.

Still vague for me.
use statement of what??? Arrayhelper or Klanten. and where should i create the class if it doesn’t exist?

i used an YT tutorial and didn’t miss a thing.

This tut is for something else its actually,
What im trying to do is showing foreign relations in _Form

So that i can chose names from foreign table instead of having to fill the id every time like in the video

You probably defined Klanten i app/models, frontend/models or backend/models.

And as said before, do not post images, use plain text (click preformatted text in the editor).

Fixed it!

ill keep that in mind next time