ArrayHelper get ID


I have a Dropdown and I want to get the name and id of my value from that list.

I can get the name but I can’t get the ID.

My model:

public function getLocationList() {

    	$usersMaster = UserLocations::find()->where(['account_id' => Yii::$app->user->identity->userProfile->account_id])->all();

    	$visibilities = Location::find()->where(['visibility' => 'on'])->all();


    	$usersMasterLocation = array();


    	foreach ($usersMaster as $Master)


    		array_push($usersMasterLocation, $Master->location_id);



    	foreach ($visibilities as $Visible)


    		array_push($usersMasterLocation, $Visible->location_id);



    	$locations = Location::find()->asArray()->where(['location_id' => $usersMasterLocation])->all();


    	return ArrayHelper::map($locations, 'location_id', 'name');


This populates my dropdown with the name value and that’s correct but when I select that dropdown

I want to get the location_id as well and not just the name.

This is my javascript in the view to see the result:

jQuery("#job-pickup_location").bind("typeahead:selected", function(ev, suggestion) {



but it’s printing only the name and not location_id