Array structure-yii2-phppresentation

Hey do you know what is the difference between an array with the following structure

$prueba=array ( [enero] => 2 [febrero] => 2 [marzo] => 2 [abril] => 4 [mayo] => 4 [junio] => 1 [julio] => 5 [agosto] => 3 [septiembre] => 1 [octubre] => 1 [noviembre] => 3 [diciembre] => 5 ) ;

and another one with this structure

$prueba= array('enero' => 15, 'febrero'=> 20, 'marzo'=> 30, 'abril'=> 40, );

I’m asking you because I’m trying to create powerpoint presentation with data from a yii2 aplication.

Yii returns an array with the first structure, which I use to create a powerpoint file. But

when I try to open the file powerpoint shows me an error message.

And if I make an array with the second structure I have no any problem opening the file with powerpoint.

So I think the problem is the structure.

If you know anything let me know.

furthermore if you know how to switch the fist structure into the second one… please tell me.

see you

I knew it, the first one is just a representation of the real array when I use print_r.

Sorry guys