ARC cms

The ARK system will be an open source content management system based on Yii of course. This will be a combination of concrete5, drupal and wordpress all rolled into one. We do not want a clone but a very specific system that will be thorough yet simple and specific.

Our system will combine the following:



Article system

Gallery system

Download system


Yii framework

Ad manager

Social plugins (facebook, google+ etc…)[/b]

Some developmental screenshots (not implemented as of yet, just rough draft ideas)

I will be designing some more pages as we progress. These "rough" draft concepts are not final and may look generic but thats the idea. They will be completed with css / smarty later on to polish the look.

Looks very polished and promising. :)

Thanks jac! We have a lot of planning still…not to mention some learning before anything materializes. But we think we are on the right track with some help of vinces existing cms base.

It’s a great resource!

Don’t forget to check out GXC CMS as well:


I would rethink about using smarty templates, i don’t think smarty is useful at all in MVC frameworks. View are anyway separated from business logic, and we can consider PHP as template engine itself, so I think there are no needs for adding one more layer.

Ahh, the holy war :D

Yep, I’m on the fence and I’ll you all shoot out in the corral!

Smarty 2 is a tad faster than 3 but if you’re caching it all speed becomes less of an issue. Twig, rain and phpTAL might be options too!

Yes, using php or a template language in a template is virtually the same!

PHP was originally a bunch of scripts slapped together that started out more as library than a language. I came to php because I hated using SSI with perl ;)

Template languages add another annoying language to learn, so is xml, ajax, soap and json. But if template languages are so wretched then why do they keep popping like your mom when your trying to make out woth your girlfriend!

I actually prefer straight php in views.

Now lets take a look at a yii feature I detest! Why are translations even in a template! Talk about unecessary crud! Lol, that is a pun :)

However, there is one point that I’ll stand up for on template language side, designers. Many of them love this stuff. Sure they could learn the basic concepts of php but that is virtually asking a programmer to but on top pf CSS and html5 and cheating by using twitters boot strap :D

But i’ve gabbered on long enough and hope inhaven’t offended too many with my views! I am going to stick with what my customers and users want because they know more than me! Well, errr, they pay my bills ;)