Ar Stat Query With Custom Key Setup

Hi, we are setting up a new CMS and are having troubles using the AR STAT query, when a custom key relation is setup. It looks like this issue was found and detailed about a year ago on github, I can’t seem to include a link as this is my first post but if you go to the github site with the following relative url you’ll see it:

Is there any way of finding out when it might be addressed in the framework? Or does anyone know of a workaround to get STAT queries working in this situation? Many thanks.

P.S I would add more detail explaining the nature of the problem but really I think qlang has explained it perfectly in that github post :)

Not in 1.1.14 that will be released soon so expect something like 2 months at minimum (of course if someone will submit a pull request it will be resolved much faster).