Ar Magic Methods Fail

Yii 1.1.12: When I select an instance of the User model, I get the default value for certain properties/columns. This happens for columns that I have recently added (manually) to the database:

$user->locale    // returns null (= default value)

If I set a new, different default value in the database (via phpMyAdmin), I will receive that new default value.

Other columns of that table do just fine:

$user->email     // returns the correct value 

I will receive the correct value if I run an SQL query:

SELECT locale FROM tbl_users WHERE = :userID LIMIT 1 

From this I deduce that the database is just fine. The problem must be in the Active Records implementation.

I would expect that Yii’s magic methods simply find each database column and add them as a (virtual) property to the model. This appears to be happening, but somehow the database-column default value is interjected.

What am I doing wrong?